4 Pass Loop Maroon Bells

My name is Ashley and I am a Registered Nurse who loves outdoor adventures. My husband and I met in our university’s outdoor club (UMD TTC!) and spent the first few years together adventuring along the east coast. From climbing Seneca Rocks in West Virginia, hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and backpacking through the Adirondacks in New York, we loved spending our weekends outside.

Mt. Washington
One of my first actual mountains.

Flash forward to 2012, we realized we wanted MORE. And more meant moving out west. So in January 2013 we packed our one bedroom apartment into a truck, drove cross country through an ice storm, and arrived in the promise land that is Colorado.

Chicago Basin

We love hiking 14ers, backpacking, camping, skiing, climbing, and – more recently – canyoneering in Utah.

Granary Canyon in Utah.

Life is too short. Pursue your passions, adventure often. This blog chronicles my outdoor experiences out west and my interests at home which include cooking, renovating a (super) fixer-upper, and running.


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