Above picture includes a piece of my hair on Jax’s face We kept Jax alive for 7 weeks! Hooray. He’s now 14 weeks old…twice as old AND twice as big as when we got him. He enjoys biting, peanut butter, tug of war, biting his way up the tug of war to your hand so that you drop the tug of war, and bully sticks which are literally made from a cow penis and despite the advertising, they smell disgusting. His favorite command is shake. Probably because I screeched in excitement the first time he did it. He also knows sit, stay, come, lay down, off, roll over, up, crate, and go outside. Everything is rainbows and sunshine One of our biggest accomplishments is that we sleep through the night. So I’m a fully functioning person again. We have occasionally woken up to his dry heaving progressing to vomiting from a few too many sticks consumed. But we don’t have to go out in the painfully cold winter nights anymore. Related: he is mostly trained…

Over Labor Day weekend 2017 Dan and I hiked 14ers in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Range. We summited Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak on Saturday and Humbolt Peak on Sunday. We took a group vote and the Crestones rank in our top five 14ers so far. Both involved fun scrambles on beautiful + mostly solid conglomerate rock. Humbolt was a mountain that involved hiking up and then down. It’s highlight was the fact that you could see the beauty of the Crestones from a good angle. Just kidding I was happy to have a hike like this after the 10 hours of struggle that was Saturday.