I’ve never been one of those people that can run on roads for long periods of time without some sort of auditory input. If it’s running on trails or on a beach or through fields of gently swaying wild flowers then all of my problems would melt away and I would be a better person. I mean I would probably not need headphones.

But in the winter when I’m running on roads I like to have something to distract me from the creeping boredom and eventual pain/discomfort.

I used to listen to Pandora but the number of ads continues to increase. It’s so HARD to be a consumer of a free resource. And it seems to get me less and less with the new music it suggests 🙁

So podcasts it is!

Long run and podcast
Generic picture of my lower extremities on snow.

On my last two long runs I listened to an old favorite – Stuff You Should Know. Sometimes one of them (Josh) disagrees with/negates the other (Chuck) multiple times throughout the podcast and it makes me feel tense and awkward because I’m over-sensitive. But otherwise it’s great.

I liked their podcasts on “How Junk Food Works” and the “Duality of Caffeine“.

Something I never bothered to look up is the fact that caffeine has a half-life of SIX HOURS. I really wish I could have remained ignorant to that, as it would allow me to continue chugging iced tea at work until 10 PM and not link it to poor sleep quality. Among many other things…

Caffeine Effects

Another podcast for running and also for our long car rides is the Intelligence Squared US Pocast. Here are some interesting episodes:

Legalize Assisted Suicide

Obesity is the Government’s Business

Genetically Modify Foods


A couple more podcasts to check out:

NPR Planet Money – I like them all (probably because they are short), but especially Pay Patients, Save Money; The Miracle Apple; Buy Low, Sell Prime

Science Friday – every and all

BackStory – I liked Health Nuts and America, Inc.





  1. NPR had great TED Radio Hour podcasts, they can’t be so motivating! If you like silly podcasts, Not Too Deep is great to take your mind off things because the conversations are hilarious!

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