After an easier day hiking the Clear Creek Trail, my legs were feeling a whole lot better and ready for the climb up Bright Angel. While waiting for the sun to emerge above the canyon walls, I tried to warm up by drinking multiple cups of tea. Dan and I ate the last of our cold, smushed pumpkin muffins and left Bright Angel Campground around 9 AM.

Grand Canyon Clear Creek Trail

Grand Canyon Winter Backpacking: Clear Creek Trail

Grand Canyon’s Clear Creek Trail is a great “rest day” activity if you’re staying at Phantom Ranch or Bright Angel campground in the winter. It stretches 9 miles long so you can choose your own out-and-back length. And emphasis is on winter activity because it is south facing and consequently is in the sun from sunrise to sunset. In summer, temperatures at the bottom of the canyon can exceed 100 F. But in January it was a balmy 50 degrees!

30 Before 30

About two years ago I thought to myself, “30 is the arbitrary marker by which society thinks I will start decaying in front of everyone’s eyes. Now is the time to make a bucket list.” It’s (you guessed it!) 30 items long with some big goals and some smaller ones.