National Harbor

Week in Training and 14ers Season

Week 16 training. We are now in the month that precedes the month in which I will run my ill-conceived 100 K. Highlights of the week included spending time with family and driving to the magical land of 14ers. The crappiest part of the training week was a long run attempt in 90+ degree heat and semi-failing. Twice!

Bear Mountain Trail Sedona Arizona

Bear Mountain Trail – Sedona, Arizona

The highlight of our trip to Sedona, after the fantastic car camping, was a hike up Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain is located in the Red Rock – Secret Mountain Wilderness of Sedona and ascending it is a challenging half-day hike. It is one of the area’s highest accessible points with amazing views of Fay Canyon, Boynton Canyon, the San Francisco Peaks, and colorful desert as far as the eye can see.