This weekend featured two short snow hikes / snowshoeing adventures in the front range.

On Saturday we set out to hike Crater Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. When we got to the trailhead there were about 756 cars there so we cried because we thought we were the only kewl people with this idea.

Winter hiking

After we wiped our tears we drove back down the road to find some other random spot to go snowshoeing. It was great fun.

Snowshoeing Colorado
Snowshoe Colorado

The wind was wild though.

At night the power went out!! So we did what any other self-respecting adults do in this situation. Put blankets over our heads, turned on the flashlight and read books directed toward 12 year olds. With wine of course.

Harry Potter and wine.
Subsequent 12-year old attempt at an artistic photo.

In the morning I met up with some friends for a hike in Elk Meadow park. It was super windy again, but once we got in the trees it was just a gentle breeze and BEAUTIFUL.

Elk Meadow Hiking
I like mountains.

Then we ate at Switchback Smokehouse in Evergreen and it was gr8. I got the pulled pork sandwich which had coleslaw and fried pickles on top with waffle fries and an Incredible Pedal IPA served in a mason jar which complimented my coolness nicely.

Switchback Smokehouse Colorado
Topo map tables make the beer taste better.

In the evening I went crazy with some food prepping for the week ahead while watching the Broncos game like the fair weather fan I am.

Slow cooker vegetarian stuffed peppers:

Slow cooker vegetarian stuffed peppers
Pre-slow cook.

Roasted tomato soup with chicken, black beans, corn and onions:

Roasted tomato soup
Red Pepper Black Bean Soup.

With whole wheat drop biscuits:

Whole wheat Drop Biscuits
Brown blobs.

Snack bars (recipe to come!):

Super Seed Bars
Super Seed Bars

Aaaaand baked chicken for salads but no one wants to see that.

I really love not cooking during the week. Wednesday self always thanks past Sunday self for doing this.

The end.



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