My title creativity begins and ends with identifying the month. Hey nineteen. I mean November. Time to buy a bunch of crap and eat a bunch of crap and fall into a spiral of self loathing. Just kidding, I love this time of year.

The month started with a sad trip home to the east coast for Dan’s grandpa’s funeral. What an inspiration. He grew up without electricity in rural Maine, built his own home 50+ years ago by himself, worked as an Exxon chemical engineer, raised four kids, and traveled all over the world. It was interesting to experience a Catholic funeral – a wake one day, a service the next, and his interment on the third day. While not the best circumstances, it was nice to be with Dan’s family for the week, I love them. I come from a very small family, so being included in a large family is what my teenage self always hoped for.

For the first weekend of November our best friends forever (that we knew from Colorado but broke our hearts now live in California) stayed with us for a weekend. I got to spend the mornings with them, and we enjoyed breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches and coffees and pretending like they still lived nearby only to feel the sadness of separation when the weekend came to a close. Good adult friendships are hard to find. We also planted the cacti Dan’s mom gifted me from her garden:

Cacti family

And put them on the new plant stand Dan built for me!!

Plant stand
Plant stand in the making
Plant stand

I took about two months off of goal-driven running because I felt tired and pissed off a lot, but now I feel like my old self and wanting to train. I’m not sure for what, maybe a 10k? It’s mostly that I feel a semblance of energy that I want to direct at something. Maybe one day I can direct it at something that will have a quantifiable return, like money? I’ve wanted another fix and flip to throw myself into but the Denver market is crazy (like most big city markets? An excuse? Whatever?) so we will lay in wait for the pipe dream of a market correction. Anyways, running at my old easy pace feels painful, so time to sign up for a marathon.

Here is a running view, November.
Here is a running view.

I mentioned that I’m interested in finding a puppy and I’ve contacted a few breeders. I got really excited from an exchange with one in particular, like OMG she’s sending me all these cute puppy photos, she must be legit!! To my defense, she also sent a lot of actual information. I was almost ready to fork over the $300 deposit, but Dan, being the non-impulsive, measured part of this relationship was like hey let’s go visit the puppy’s parents. And the breeder person was like ummmm sorry you can’t visit the parents. And wove together several excuses as to why the parents + the puppy [mill?] operation was un-visitable, so hard pass. The breeder our friends got their puppy from has not been very responsive but since we know it produced a legit puppy, maybe it’s the best route.

We had an awesome summer which centered around my block scheduling and Dan working odd jobs, but now Dan has been looking for a regular 9-5 engineering job. I am concurrently trying to get a day shift position at my hospital and (in case that doesn’t work out) looking for a regular 9-5 so we won’t have opposite schedules. It would be fine for a few months, but working evenings and every other weekend would mean we’d be ships passing in the night. That, and having worked most of the last 2.5 years as evenings (woe is me!!), I’m ready to change to days. If Dan gets this job, hooray! If not, I’m going to impulsively pine for an international trip before he applies for anything else. Because the non-planner in me wants to fly to Asia in three weeks. Contentment with life and travel satiation be damned!

I went to my downtown’s pottery painting place and in addition to painting a plant pot, I painted this guy:

Lil snowman
It will look better when kilned, maybe.

My goat friend coughed in my face last week and was wheezing so aside from worrying that I’d catch some new goat flu thing, I was convinced it was the last time I’d see him. Nope, still alive one week later. I love him because he’s as fickle with his love as me. Sometimes he runs to me, other times he gives me a cold side eye from afar.

Insanity the product of emerging goat flu??

Last weekend we went with our couple-friends to her parents’ home in Estes Park. It was really fun and relaxing. We ate delicious food, shot guns in the nearby national forest, went on walks in ridiculously beautiful winter weather, played evening darts, and talked for hours at night with a crackling fire in the background.

Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Colorado
Dart tournament

Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Colorado

When we got home, the super well decorated bale of hay I put out front was finally paid a visit by one of the thousands of bunnies in our neighborhood. Every night I came home this fall I wondered if it would happen…at least they gave me a few months.

After + before

This week Dan and I belatedly celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary at Sushi Den in Denver, our favorite restaurant here. We had just come from a lumber yard (Dan is building us a TV stand) and it was kind of a last minute decision. So not dressed up for it like originally planned but oh well. The red dragon and tuna firecracker rolls were our favorites.




Hmm, what else? Here are a few of the notable injuries I’ve seen at work recently: deep tissue massage leading to quadraplegia, uncontrolled diabetes leading to spinal abscess leading to quadraplegia, and then a few of the Las Vegas shooting victims. And still plenty of motor vehicle + motorcycle accidents, bread and butter style. Also, one of my good work friends is leaving at the beginning of December for the greener pastures of another hospital. DAMMIT. Damn this millennial generation, jumping all about. Oh wait, thats me dammit.

I had a strong craving to read Harry Potter again, it seems to strike every fall or two. Book one was kind of a trudge through, book two is already a lot more enjoyable.

Harry Potter
Just like 20 years ago…

I’ve made crockpot meals once a week, my favorite being curry recipes using the curries from Hmart. Here is a good recipe. As any dutiful non-recipe follower would do, I used regular coconut milk, a full can of the delicious yellow curry pictured below, and didn’t pre-sauté anything, just added everything to the crockpot.


Whats coming up? My holiday to work is Thanksgiving, and then I have that weekend off. I think we will do a Friendsgiving, hooray. The friends we plan to do it with may be moving away in a few months. Again, DAMMIT MILLENIALS SLASH US. Then my mom may visit for a weekend in lieu of us going home for Christmas. After that, depending on if Dan gets the job—> puppy vs impromptu trip across the world with our travel/desert friends??

Happy Thanksgiving next week!



  1. So many clamps. The product looks very nice. I miss having a cat, but our RV lifestyle and travels take priority at this point in life. So no pets for a while. Have you tried Panang Curry from Mae Sri Brand? We like it with pork, but it’s good with chicken (dark meat) as well.

  2. ashleyoutside Reply

    I will have to try that one next, I’ve only bought the red, green, and yellow so far. I did the last curry with chicken thighs and it was a lot better than chicken breast. Do you have a go-to recipe?

  3. I love your plant stand. It’s very zen. Sounds like you’ve been busy with fun stuff. But, OMG…deep tissue massage leading to quadriplegia, now that’s scary!

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