A kitchen remodel and food prep. Aren’t those two fun things for a weekend?

Weekends have become kind of meaningless at this point since I have been working at least one weekend day. And this weekend I worked both days. I really like having days off during the week if we don’t have any travel plans. And typically things are a little less crazy at work on the weekends.

Friday I was off and ran at South Table Mountain in Golden with a friend.

South Table Mountain Colorado
I love Colorado weather.

Saturday I worked 6-4 and Sunday worked 2-11. Saturday we made pizza and margaritas. Look at how many vegetables we are eating in this meal! Half of a bell pepper.

For the last couple weeks Dan has been planning and organizing the kitchen remodel. First, we decided on the design of the kitchen and Dan drew up a plan. Then he found a cabinet company, figured out what we needed and placed the order. A large truck dropped off the un-assembled cabinets on a pallet. Dan built the cabinets. Sounds all easy and smooth sailing-like, right!!

Kitchen remodel building cabinets
Building cabinets.
Kitchen remodel building cabinets
Do you know how hard it was to get the pantry upright?

Dan demolished the kitchen:

Kitchen remodel
Good-bye old faithful kitchen, you were a kitchen.

Then we figured out how much counter top we needed and submitted requests for quotes. Now we are waiting to hear back and he is doing more demolishing slash building.

While he does all of this I REALLY contribute by occasionally helping to move things and cooking a bunch. HEE! But seriously, I wanted to have some food in the freezer stash before we have no kitchen for several days.

Here are a few recipes I really liked!

Farro salad – this is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed this for my lunches. I saw at good ole King Soopers that farro is five times as expensive as barley so I went with the barley because they are probably similar in taste and texture? I also didn’t add the tomato it calls for – the tomatoes looked a little rough at the store.

Vegan farro chickpea salad
Barley salad with a delightful tahini dressing unpictured.

Breakfast Cookies – I wanted to make something easy to eat after I get to work at 6 AM and these are perfect. I used chocolate chips instead of blueberries because I didn’t have any, plain Greek yogurt in place of the soy yogurt, and ground up almonds in the food processor for the almond meal.

Banana oat cookies

Jambalaya – This was great for dinner and even better as leftovers. I did not add chicken.

Jambalaya recipe

Hope you have a great week!


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