Week 17 in training – 52 miles of running and hiking at altitude. Highlights include 14ers! + the associated fun car camping, and a long run of 24 miles.

Sunday: 11 miles hiking Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range. Not my favorite hike, as most of it was on a dirt road, but the views at the top were pretty amazing. Early season 14er hiking is awesome because afternoon thunderstorms haven’t yet made their summer appearance. And the mountains are still blanketed in snow which makes them even more majestic.

Mt. Antero 14er hike

Mt Antero

We hung out on the summit for about an hour, basking in the sunny warmth and talking to a few other hikers [one of which snapped this kewl pic]:

Mt. Antero 14er hike
Top o’ Antero

I glissaded down ~20% of this before my butt was a concerning level of numb and gave up.

Mt. Antero 14er glissade
Didn’t have the right pants for this.

Then car camping:

Car camping 14ers

Shavano camping

Shavano camping

Monday: 11 miles hiking Mt. Shavano and Tabeguache Peak. This was a tiring day. Dan hiked up the 1000′ of slushy + kind of steep Angel of Shavano snow route while I scuttled up the side.

Angel of Shavano route 14er
Angel of Shavano [end of season] route,
Then we were above 13,000′ for a while between summiting Shavano and hiking the two miles round trip to Tabeguache and back. And the wind was gusting to 55 mph or so, making for some blustery rock hopping. Good thing it wasn’t an exposed one!

Mt. Shavano
Top o’ Mt. Shavano.
Tabeguache Peak 14er
Approaching Tabeguache summit
Tabeguache Peak 14er
Top o’ Tabeguache

We did have a fun glissade down:

Mt Shavano glissade

Mt Shavano glissade

Tuesday: rest day. Sweet jebus a rest day. After 34 soul-destroying-miles in two days and then two days of 14ers, I woke up feeling worn down and angry. So time for no physical exertion!

I did go to Costco, and my exhaustion-irritability could properly develop into rage at the sight of these bananas:

Costco bananas are the worst

Wednesday: 24 mile long run. I knew it was going to be another warm day (it’s summer, after all!) so I set my alarm for 7 AM, cried a little upon waking because it was 7 AM, then went out for 4 hours of sweaty, un-fun sidewalk miles. But I did it without the previous death-feeling of last time, so yay.

Long training run
Devastated that friend #1 wasn’t in his hut, but upon further inspection I saw that he was just enjoying the blistering rays.

Work at night. My legs didn’t like walking around so much.

Thursday: rest, rest, rest. I can feel that I’ve been grinding myself down, so time for more rest.

Work at night. It was a crazy night and I didn’t get home until 1 AM. I will toot my own horn here! I caught my patient’s quickly developing hydrocephalus [extra fluid buildup in the brain]! Hooray. Within an hour of getting on shift she went from walking and talking to sleeping more than usual. I went in to her room and noticed that the one side of her head seemed to have a little more swelling than I remembered. I had only had her once before so I didn’t have a great memory to go on, but still. She also had a craniectomy which would normally result in a sunken-in appearance of that side of the head. Anyways, I woke her up and asked her a few questions that she normally would be able to answer, but wasn’t able to…and unable to form actual words. Visible head swelling, change in mental status –> call doctor to confirm that she needs a scan! She was sent down for a stat head CT which confirmed severe hydrocephalus, then got taken to emergency neurosurgery to have a drain placed in her brain.

This happened right around shift change (my shift straddles the normal day-night shifters), and I got floated to another set of patients. And I had 5 instead of the usual 4 patients (wah, complain, etc.).  Anyways, it was a long day.

Friday: 6 miles with some hills thrown in for good measure.

Training run flowers
Random flower picture.

Then work at night. One of my patient’s had C-diff so now I’m worried that I brought it home all over me and it’s everywhere. Commence obsessive washing of hands for at least the next week!

Saturday: resistance training in the backyard. Work at night.

Random Favorites


Stuff You Should Know “The Stories Behind a Few Food Fads” – I really enjoyed this one. The era of TV dinners as a product of way too much leftover turkey – first put on a Polar Express train a la the movie Speed (hah); the heyday of jello and the disgusting popularity of savory jello meals like tuna or cottage cheese or cole slaw inside of lime jello [BARF]; the rise of crock pots; and the totally nefarious marketing of oat bran (!!).

Stuff You Should Know “How Beer Works

Listening: John Mayer “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”. I listened to John Mayer’s newish album via Spotify and didn’t really like it. But! this song was suggested listening and I remembered how much I like it. Hooray for spurned lover songs with a backdrop of skillful guitar playing. Also, his version of Jimi Hendrix’s Bold as Love is good too.

Reading: Reading has slowed down a little, still enjoying End of Days.

Meal: PEACHES!!! Peaches Peaches Peaches. Thank the heavens above for summer fruit – a suitable replacement for my approaching chocolate-bar-a-day habit.

Cut up peaches to be put on pancakes covered in almond butter:

Peaches on pancakes




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  1. The mountains were gorgeous. The hikes look fantastic. But really, it looks like you need good rest days.

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