Week 19 in training – 45 miles of running and hiking at altitude. Highlights include 14ers (!) + the associated fun car camping. And birthday celebrations. Low lights include getting kicked/punched/scratched all night at work, and feeling some deep-seated fatigue that means taking more rest days than planned. Oh well!

Training Recap

Sunday: 7ish miles hiking Wetterhorn Peak. One of my favorite 14ers so far. Then car camping the rest of the day.

Wetterhorn Peak 14er hike
Emerging from the third class section.
Wetterhorn Peak 14er hike
At the top!

Car camping Colorado 14ers

Monday: 7ish miles hiking Uncompahgre Peak. Side note: I don’t know how to say this mountain’s name. I mostly whisper the ending / give it a Spanish-esque “padre” ending.

Uncompahgre Peak 14ers hike

Uncompahgre Peak 14ers hike

Uncompahgre Peak 14ers hike

Uncompahgre Peak 14ers hike
Columbines are out.

Anyways, this was a much easier hike compared to Mt. Sneffels and Wetterhorn Peak. Single track nearly the whole way up. A few snow field crossings, but they were all nearly flat. Not a damned 60 degree slushy chute like damned Sneffels. Damn you Sneffels, I had high hopes for you based on name alone, but you were a betrayer. Anyways, Uncompahgre’s most memorable trait was it’s name! Hah.

We did this one in about 4 hours and then ate lunch in Lake City, at Southern Vittles. BBQ definitely quenches hiking hunger. Another five hours later we were home in the God awful mid 90 degree heat of Denver. You’d think I’ve never seen a summer before…

Tuesday: gym day for stair stepper and weights. Tired and angry, this is one of those days I kept thinking “I should just quit this stupid race, I hate running and exercising”. The logical [or illogical?] side of me tried to whisper “you have like 2.5 fucking weeks left out of 20, get over yourself”. My irritableness was obviously in full force [side note: having deep-seated fatigue and feeling overly-irritable should be a large red flag and => take a rest day]. Anyways, I plodded on, did a crappy-feeling workout and then laid on the disgusting gym mat at the end, stretching for way longer than I needed too in place of core working out.

At night we had a couple friend over for taco night. It was also Tuesday. I planned the dinner for that alliteration, just so you know.

Wednesday: Rest day. Work at night. I’m glad I didn’t do any physical activity pre-work because I spent the last half of my shift doing just that. I got floated to a 1-on-1 “behavioral attendant” assignment with a brain injured patient and basically was punched and kicked and scratched for four hours while I did all of her nightly cares and tried to keep her from ripping out her G-tube. I’m glad this doesn’t happen often because I would be quitting if it were a nightly occurrence.

Thursday: 11 trail miles at North Table Mountain. I felt pretty good and it was only moderately warm out (low 80s). Work at night.

North Table Mountain trail running

North Table Mountain trail running

Friday: 20 miles for my long run of the week. It was 55 degrees when I started (!!) and I got that good ole runner’s high half way through. Plus no anxiety/off feeling after the run. THANK YOU HEAVENS ABOVE.

Long training run
Here is your weekly goat picture!

Work at night. I was floated to a different unit than I normally work, which was a nice change. More spinal cord injuries, so they can tell me what they need. And you know, not punch me and scream at me. Yay. I’m sounding jaded, but I’m not. Just rattled after Wednesday.

Saturday: I got home late the night before and when I woke up I was feeling some hatred towards running, so I took it as a cue to have another rest day. Work at night.

Random Favorites

Listening: I paid for three months of Spotify at $9.99 (another “deal” came around?). Big spender!! I’m willing to spend money without a second thought on trips or too-expensive beer or running shoes, but will hold out for an entire year on $10 of music I listen to >20 hours of the week. Not logical in the least. But anyways, totally going crazy on Spotify because now I don’t have to listen to commercials every three songs. Reliving my wannabe cool jam-bandy days of middle school by listening to Dave Matthews Band Europe 2009 concert.


Intelligence Squared Debates “Long Live Walmart” – has Walmart been good for America?? YES.

Planet Money “Episode 774: Unspeakable Trademark” – “a fight over a band name that turns into a fight about free speech. It goes all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Planet Money “Episode 772: Small Change” – contrary to popular belief, the world is not changing faster than ever before. In fact, it’s not even changing as fast as it was 100 years ago [according to the economist in this episode].

Reading: Still listening to and enjoying Elon Musk’s biography. What a crazy [inspirational] person.

The end!


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