Week 16 training – 47 miles total. We are now in the month that precedes the month in which I will run my ill-conceived 100 K. Highlights of the week included spending time with family and driving to the magical land of 14ers. The crappiest part of the training week was a long run attempt in 90+ degree heat and semi-failing. Twice!

Training Recap

Sunday: Rest day. We woke up earlyish and went down to eat breakfast with Rachel and Evan before they left for their honeymoon.

Later in the morning Dan and I drove to National Harbor (near D.C.) to meet his parents for lunch. We first walked around the MGM casino which is gigantic and opulent.

MGM Casino
One very small section of the MGM casino.
National Harbor
A view of National Harbor.

After a sushi lunch we went back to their house to hang out. Later, Dan’s grandparents came over and we all had dinner together. I think I hit the in-laws lottery, they are amazing.

Monday: 5 miles in the delicious, fragrant humidity that is a D.C. summer. Hung out at Dan’s parents’ home and then flew back to Denver at night.

Maryland training run
Maryland neighborhood running.

Tuesday: gym for stair stepper and weights. Work at night.

Wednesday: 4 miles. I went to work at night but got budgeted (released) for the second 4 hours of my shift. Went home, ate potato chips as a pre-run snack (def know how to fuel) and then ran in the gloriousness that is an early-summer evening. I don’t get a runner’s high too often, but this does it for me.

I also like these unexpected budgets because it’s like a bonus night where Dan and I can make dinner, drink wine and watch Futurama.

Thursday: 5 miles of hiking/running Green Mountain with my friend. Work at night.

Green Mountain training run

Friday: 16 miles of trail running at North Table Mountain.

The goal was 22 miles. It was in the upper 80s by mid morning and two hours in I drank all of my water (3 L!). Going another 1.5+ hours without water wasn’t happening, so I called it quits. On the drive home I worried obsessively about the race. Such a helpful and productive habit!

North Table Mountain Trail Run

North Table Mountain Trail Run
Coated in salt.

North Table Mountain

Saturday: 17 miles. I hit the mileage I wanted, but felt like death at the end.

Long training run

It was 93 degrees and my legs felt like lead for ~80% of the run. When I got home I flopped on our cold wood floor and comforted myself with positive mantras like ‘welp, if it’s over 75 degrees I definitely won’t be able to do the race next month.’

Then I tried to stand up and felt a stab of anxiety. I figured it was low blood sugar so I tried to eat something carby and salty [err…chips]. It turned to dry paste in my mouth and I couldn’t get it down. Yikes. I had this happen in my 50 miler and it sufficiently adds to my existing low blood sugar-induced anxiety. So I sat down, drank Nuun, ate a sugary bar and waited for it to pass. Eventually the worst of it did, but I felt off for several more hours. I had plans to hang out with a friend after my run. We leisurely hung out at her house and I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. Hooray.

Later in the afternoon Dan and I drove to the Mt. Antero trailhead near Buena Vista. 14er season is here [for us]!! We got in around 7 PM and cooked a pasta dinner. Enjoying the clean, crisp mountain air:

14er camping

Preview of the next few days:

Mt. Shavano
Top o’ Mt. Shavano.

Random Favorites


Ali on the Run “Dan Nevins, Army Veteran, Double Amputee & Yoga Teacher” – Dan lost both his legs in an explosion while serving overseas in the Iraq War. Quite the inspiration, he talks about once being a competitive runner and athlete to later adjusting to life without legs.

Ali on the Run “Natalie Morales, Today Show West Coast Anchor & Host of Access Hollywood” – she’s good at interviewing people and being interviewed.

Listening: “I Can’t Wait” by Star and Micey; and “Painting (Masterpiece)” by Lewis Del Mar via Spotify recommendations. I NEED NEW MUSIC.

Reading: I finished the Circuit of Heaven and really enjoyed it, so now onto End of Days.

I’m losing hope that I will finish the Thief’s Daughter. When it feels like I have to finish a book, it’s a good indicator to let it go. Dan’s reading the preceding trilogy, so if he makes it through this one and likes it I may give it another go.

The end.


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