Week 12 training was a pull back week! I like those. A trail run, a trip home to the DC area, my friend’s bridal shower, and a visit to my mom’s new home. And 28 miles for the week.

Training Recap

Sunday: Rest. I’ve been really happy with the two days a week of no running/exercise. Work at night.

Monday: 9 mile long trail run. Yay for running on single track and getting some elevation training in my legs.

I wanted to go for 11 miles but it started to thunder and that’s usually my cue to sprint home/to the car. So in essence, I’m probably at greater risk for hurtling headfirst into the bottom of a gully than getting hit by lightening.

North Table Training Run

Thirty minutes later when I was at the grocery store, it was hailing:

You know what they say, April showers bring May hail. Photo courtesy of Dan.

The hail was larger in nearby areas, and destroyed cars and roofs and trees.

Tuesday: 7 miles. Work at night.

Training run


Wednesday: Gym for the stair stepper and weights. Work at night.

As a float nurse in my hospital, I am sometimes floated to a “behavior attendant” position since fun fact: there is a large shortage of nursing assistants. A behavior attendant (BA) is assigned to a patient that is either impulsive or at risk for harming themselves or others. So some brain-injured patients have BAs because they try to pull out their trachs or their G-tubes – which can kill them, or because they are constantly trying to get out of their bed or chair and are at high risk for falling. Some of these impulsive patients are appropriate to stay in Posey beds, akin to a soft-sided cage:

Posey bed
Few patients look this tolerant about getting into a Posey bed.

Thursday: 6 miles. Work at night.

Training run

Friday: 6 miles on the treadmill at my friend’s gym.

I woke up at 4:45 AM after a satisfying 3.5 hours of sleep. Drove to the airport and flew to DC. Metro’ed to my friend’s condo. I ate lunch at Sweetgreen, the salad’s answer to fast casual. Featuring walls of locally grown, organic greens and the sleek modern aesthetic of bamboo and stainless steel and exposed ceilings. Enough visual stimuli to convince me that by paying $9 for a salad, I could be healthier and slightly more awesome than when I entered. The spicy sabzi salad was pretty delicious.


I dropped my stuff off at her place and since she was still working from home, I went up to her condo’s gym to run 6 miles on the treadmill.

My friend has a hedgehog and he is REALLY CUTE but also sharp:


Later we went to dinner with my friend’s husband-to-be at Marble + Rye.

Saturday: Rest day! Prepping for the bridal shower in the morning, then bridal shower in the afternoon.

Bridal Shower

I went back to my mom’s new apartment, about 1.5 hours west in the rolling hills of Virginia.

Random Favorites


Freakonomics “Food + Science = Victory!” – an interview with the managing culinary director at SeriousEats.com, a great site for food science and innovative cooking techniques.

Freakonomics “In Praise of Maintenance” – “Because there’s not only a need but a certain nobility in taking care of what you’ve already created.”


Reading: I finished the “beach read”, The Husband’s Secret. Now onto the next audiobook available via Hoopla (by the same author): Three Wishes. Nice and breezy for my commute.

Finishing up Mark Manson’s book. Then back to book two in Jeff Wheeler’s Kingfountain series.


Listening: OAR’s Live on Red Rocks. Lots of college-time music lately.


Meal: The bridal shower food, all of it. My friend’s mom is a really good cook.

Casserole Bridal Shower

Have a good week!



  1. Caroline Helbig Reply

    It is inspiring how disciplined you are with your training and your recaps are great. Interesting info about your sometimes duty as a BA and the use of a Posey bed (never heard of this before).

    • ashleyoutside Reply

      Thanks Caroline!

      I hadn’t heard of it before this job, and when I first saw it I thought it seemed a little…uncivilized [barbaric]? But much better than chemical-based or four point restraints? Progress…

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