Week 15 training complete. My “worst” week of training so far (aka, not much running) – but half the week was spent in Utah (hooray!) and two days were spent flying home and participating in my best friend’s wedding (hooray!). Lots of fun stuff this month, it’s been a blur.

Training Recap

Sunday: Larry Canyon and 10 miles for the day.

Larry Canyon Robbers Roost Utah

Larry Canyon Robbers Roost Utah

I can see why this one is considered a Robber’s Roost classic – fun rappels and beautiful, deep narrows. The canyon itself is about 5 miles. And then on the front end I dropped the group off at the trailhead, drove 5 miles to the canyon exit, and then ran back along the dirt road to the trailhead. Since we didn’t have a car shuttle this avoided 2 hours of hot hiking at the end.

Monday: 4 miles canyoneering and hiking Sam’s Mesa Box Canyon. Short but beautiful with some of the best desert camping we’ve had.

Robber's Roost Camping

Tuesday: Rest day. We drove 7 hours back home and had sushi and wine for dinner.

Wednesday: 8 miles in the morning. Said goodbye to our friends : ( It’s always a ton of fun together and we miss them. Work at night.

Thursday: 9 miles. Work at night.

Goats Training Run
Pose pros.

I also got to try out my new running vest. It’s an early birthday present from my mom and I LOVE it.

Training vest

Friday: The day before I got home from work at midnight and went to bed around 12:30ish? Then came a nice early wake up at 4:45 AM for our 7 AM flight. I thought we could make the rehearsal ceremony at 1:30 but we didn’t, so I kinda had us get no sleep for nothing. Dammit. We tried to nap in the hotel but I could hear/feel the hallway doors slamming so NOPE. Then we got ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was fun to see some good friends and catch up. We went out to a beach bar after which did a good job of making you forget you were in Leesburg, Virginia – sand on the ground, palm trees everywhere, etc.

Saturday: WEDDING DAY. Therefore a rest day. We arrived at Lost Creek Winery in the morning to get ready. Hair, makeup, mimosas. Total celeb treatment.

Wedding day
Glaaaamed up.

We took pictures outside and the weather was beautiful. Then came the ceremony! Gah Rachel looked amazing, and the ceremony was so sweet. They wrote their own vows, and I may have done the silent sob thing.

During cocktail hour my stomach started to clench at the thought of giving my maid of honor speech. As surprising as this may seem [hah], public speaking is one or two notches below dying a horrible death on my fear totem pole. On one hand, I was really excited to tell Rachel how much our two decade-long friendship means to me and how freaking excited I am for her. On the other hand, for months I had random bouts of panic at the thought of speaking in front of 120 people. I even went to Toast Masters a few times, which otherwise sounds like the worst way to spend an hour. Anyways, in the end it seemed to go well and I didn’t have my usual heart racing/dizziness/sense of doom. Yay.

Afterward, the sense of relief was so overwhelming, I’m still basking in it. The rest of the night was so much fun. A lot of my high school friends were there and laughter comes easy around them. We stayed up until 2 AM and I crashed into bed.

Wedding day

Random Favorites


Intelligence Squared US Debates – The Universal Basic Income Is The Safety Net Of The Future. “The idea is that a universal basic income could serve as a tool to combat poverty and uncertainty in a changing society, and provide a cushion that empowers workers, giving them latitude to take risks in the job market. But some argue a guaranteed income would take away the incentive to work, waste money on those who don’t need it, and come at the expense of effective programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

I really liked this one! Some of the debates are boring and the debaters argue past each other (focusing on completely different points), but this one was excellent.

Intelligence Squared US Debates – Unresolved: Trump’s First 100 Days. A lively discussion between five debaters, a break from the normal debate style of this podcast.

Reading: I’m finishing the Circuit of Heaven. It’s a fun scifi read with random sex scenes thrown in for good measure. After I finish this I’ll have to read the sequel – End of Days.

I’m also listening to the Last Anniversary – the last available audiobook from the library (of this author).

Meals: Lots of good ones this week! Camp food was great, sushi on Tuesday, rehearsal dinner crab cakes, then the wedding dinner was awesome.

Also these cookies Rachel’s mom made. White chocolate shortbread. YUM.

The end.



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