Week 18 in training – 56 miles of running and hiking at altitude. Highlights include 14ers (!) + the associated fun car camping, and a long run of 27 miles. I love 14ers.

Training Recap

Sunday: easy pace 6 miles. The weight training stuff from the day before made my legs nice and sore.

Lookit my neighbor’s flowers.

Work at night. Another 1 AM sort of night. Capping off a string of 4 late nights. I was on the unit that takes the more acute patients = more busy.

Monday: 27 miles!!

I started with 22 miles at Green Mountain. After 4 hours I ran out of water and got way too hot in the mid 80 degree/no shade heat.

Green Mountain training long run
Flowers are out.

Soo I went home, ate a fish taco and drank some fluids, then went back out near my house for 5 more miles. My legs felt surprisingly good. My feet were kinda done by the end. But my head was the real issue. Kind of on/off lightheaded, anxiety, ‘out of it’ feeling. And my appetite was pretty much zero after the second run so I’m thinking it was a good ole combo of low-ish blood sugar plus mild heat exhaustion. My head felt very hot even though it wasn’t sunburned, and my body was swinging between too hot and too cold. Totally not concerning for if the race is too hot!! I keep saying it, but I’m pretty intimidated at this point.

Tuesday: rest day. Work at night. Finally left at a decent time. Back with my C-diff patient, so the week of obsessive hand-washing resets!

Wednesday: 3 miles and resistance training. Work at night.

Thursday: 14 miles. These miles felt GREAT, which was a much needed boost. The sun went behind some clouds for the last third of the run so the air temperature immediately felt 10 degrees cooler. What a difference!! For the last five miles I felt like I was floating.

Goat training run
My adoration for this goat increases every week.
Baby goat training run

Work at night.

Friday: rest day and driving to the Ouray, CO area for another weekend of 14ers! We drove to the Mt. Sneffels trailhead which is probably the prettiest 14er trailhead we’ve visited.

Mt. Sneffels Trail Head 14er

Saturday: 6 miles up and down Mt. Sneffels. While it had some of the prettier views, it was one of my least favorite 14ers so far. The top fourth of the trail (although not actually a trail for this portion) was steep and loose, and then the final gully to ascend was filled with snow –> going down a steep + super slushy snow field with no ice axe wasn’t fun!! But the views made up for it:

Mt. Sneffels 14er hike
Towards the top of the loose section.

Mt Sneffels 14er hike summit

Mt Sneffels 14er hike

We drove to the Wetterhorn Peak trail head for our hike the next day – 5 hours away. It could have been ~2 hours (and like 20 miles) but Engineer Pass was closed…so 160 miles later we pulled in, hungry and tired. Pasta night!

Wetterhorn Peak 14er trail head

Pasta night

Random Favorites


Stuff You Should Know “Why Are Whale Strandings Still a Mystery?” – this one was actually just depressing, as whale strandings = a long and tortuous death for whales. But still interesting!

Planet Money “Episode 777: Free Love, Free Market” – a free love commune as the foundation of a successful flatware company.

Planet Money “Episode 599: The Invisible Wall” – Hernando de Soto is a Peruvian economist known for his work on the informal economy and on the importance of business and property rights [Wikipedia]. This episode looks at his search for the invisible wall that traps people in poverty.

Reading: Finishing End of Days [fun series!] and then I just started the biography on Elon Musk. I found the audiobook at the library – pretty good so far.

Listening: “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam. This came on during our road trip and I started singing “Even thooooough” and Dan broke my mind my saying it was “Even Flow”.


BROWNIES!! Dan made me delicious surprise homemade brownies for my birthday 🙂 Brownies are my favorite food, and even better is eating them while road tripping to 14er land.

Birthday Brownies
YUM. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.

Pizza night!! With our friends’ spice blend:

Pizza night

The end.



  1. Ashley, I’m sure I’ve said this before but I don’t know where you get the energy to do all this. I’m exhausted just reading about your training schedule, not to mention you have to fit in your work too! Very impressive. Your photos from Mt. Sneffels are beautiful (I googled it to learn more). Pasta dish looks yummy!

    • ashleyoutside Reply

      Thanks Caroline! I am tired, hah 🙂 And in the last week or so I’ve been thinking that I may be done with running forever after I attempt my race this month!! Haha.

      The San Juans in southern Colorado are awesome, especially coated in snow.

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