Week 13 in training and 40 miles complete. Highs: back-to-back long runs (one being a trail run!!), a summer-ish BBQ, and Taco Tuesday. Lows: Chris Cornell died. 

Training Recap

Sunday: 4 trail miles near my mom’s apartment in Virginia.

Virginia training run

Then a two hour effort back to D.C. through Sunday evening traffic for my flight home.

Monday: 18 miles!! Wee! I celebrated this mentally when I was done because it was rough. I waited until midday to run so that it would be a nice, balmy 80 degrees. And low and behold my legs felt sluggish and resisting for the last seven miles.

Long run training
Favorite tree canopy bloomed just in time to be crushed by wet cement snow a few days later.
Training run
Generic golf course picture with majestic North Table Mountain in the background.
Tropical-esque flowers seen on my run.

With my last round of training (two years ago) I tried hard to avoid running in the heat of the day because it sucks. But the race, although at higher altitude, felt way too hot for >50% of it and therefore I had one non-refundable ticket on the struggle bus. So I figure I should chase more discomfort in training this time around…The funny thing will be if it doesn’t help at all and I’m just needlessly torturing myself. Maybe I can reflect on this at mile 40 of the race and see if it’s still funny.

I had the evening off so we had some friends over for a BBQ. SUMMER IS HERE?? [Foreshadowing]

Tuesday: 12 trail running miles. My first real attempt at an ultra-training fundamental, the back-to-back long runs. It went pretty well. And I made it through the whole run before it started to thunder.

North Table training
The North Table Mountain hill monster.

At night Dan and I went out for beer and the tiniest tacos I’ve ever seen. They were delicious, but we probably needed 10 more between the two of us to make a meal.

Taco Tuesday

Wednesday: REST DAY. Work at night.

Thursday: Gym day – stair stepper and weights. And a May snowstorm. Denver’s foothills got a couple feet of heavy cement-like snow.

Winter in Late May
View from a prospective house.

Also, Chris Cornell died and I actually cried a little. Over the years when a celebrity or musician died and the news camera panned to the grief-stricken, tear-stained faces of fans, I never understood why the hell you would cry for someone you didn’t actually know. BUT NOW I GET IT. I need to improve my empathy skills. His haunting “vocal pyrotechnics” [for an example of his multi-octave voice, see: “Hunger Strike” – Temple of the Dog] cuts right into your soul.

“For me to make a connection with music it has to either have a visceral nature, whether it’s anger or aggression or that kind of passion which shows up in rock music, or there has to be some sort of melancholy and introspection, something about it that makes you feel your own pain,” Cornell told Rolling Stone.

Work at night.

Friday: 6 miles. The snow was mostly melted, in true Colorado fashion. Work at night.

There is a lack of unit secretaries right now and since I’m a float nurse I fill in for whatever position needs filled – which this day was unit secretary! I got to pretend to know what I was doing answering phones and directing basic yet baffling questions. For the last half of my shift I got budgeted (sent home because of over-staffing) so a perfect winter May night to watch Futurama and drink wine.

Saturday: REST DAY. Work at night.

Random Favorites


  • Stuff You Should Know “How Itching Works” – Pretty funny and interesting episode all about itching, featuring a shout out to Tom Petty (What Would Tom Petty Do??) and of course a gross/horrifying story about a woman who itched her head so much that she reached brain matter – barf. It’s based on a riveting 2008 New Yorker article, written by superstar medical writer Atul Gawande.
  • Ali on the Run “Meggie Smith, Chief Resident in OB-GYN at NYU Langone Medical Center” – I always enjoy a peek into the life of a medical student/resident/doctor because a) it’s interesting and b) I get some good ole self-soothing validation for not pushing myself to be a doctor. I can see clearly now, with more life perspective, what it would mean to FULLY commit to becoming a doctor.
  • Freakonomics “Why are We Still Using Cash?” – “What do high-stakes robbery, tax evasion, bribery, and drug dealing all have in common? One word: cash.”

Reading: in excellent ADD form, three books. Three Wishes by Liane Morarity on audiobook, The Thief’s Daughter by Jeff Wheeler, and I just finished The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Can I receive my gold star for reading a book?? Summer library book club-style. One summer in middle school I read 50 books (probably most were from the teen-trash series, Sweet Valley High) and felt incredibly accomplished. Definitely the foundation for my exceptional adult social skills.

Listening: Chris Cornell tribute week.

Meal: I guess the tiny tacos. But the BBQ dinner tasted like summer freedom so maybe that.

The end.


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