Week 9 training in the books. Half of it was spent in the desert, and the other half with decreased mileage. 24 miles in the running and hiking variety.

Training Recap

Sunday: Alcatraz Canyon, and 4 of the hardest, most tiring miles of the week. AND BEST. It was my favorite canyon of the trip and maybe ever. The day included a few hot desert hiking miles back to the car.

Alcatraz Canyon Utah
Rappelling from the truck into Alcatraz Canyon.

Alcatraz Canyon Utah

Alcatraz Canyon Utah

Monday: Lost Park Canyon, and about 5 miles of hiking to and from the canyon. This was a decent canyon, with pretty narrows and a fun rappel at the end. We were tired by the end of the canyon and staggered back against a 30 mph headwind. Then we drove around for two hours trying to find a non-windy camping spot to no avail (when it’s windy in the desert it’s seems to be windy everywhere!). We found a giant rock structure to hide the truck behind and make dinner.

Lost Park Canyon Utah

Lost Park Canyon Utah

Tuesday: Drove the 6.5 hours back home. Mustered the energy to run 3 miles because it was a gorgeous spring evening and I don’t get too many of those now that I work evenings.

Wednesday: REST.

Thursday: 9 mile long run. Happy that this felt “easier” than the last 9 mile long run, five weeks ago. I guess that’s the purpose of training and everything…

Long Run Training

Also, I figured out that the weird Achilles tightness thing from last week was related to my SHOES. Blah. I started the run in my newer pair (~4 months of running in them?) and immediately felt the tightness. So I ran back home, switched to an older pair and magically felt nothing the entire run. Aside from being sad that an [always too expensive] pair of running shoes may be retired to walking shoes, I am happy/grateful if it is that easy of a fix.

Friday: 3 miles, nice and easy.

Saturday: Rest, and a nice pre-work lunch with some friends.

Random Favorites


Freakonomics “How to Become Great at Just About Anything” – kind of like the grit episode that I mentioned last post, but this one focuses more on deliberate practice as a means to achieve success.

Ali on the Run “Brynn Fessette O’Neill, Physical Therapist at Finish Line Physical Therapy” – insight into the work of physical therapists, and advice for runners.

Reading: The Queen’s Poisoner. Plus The Simple Path to Wealth which Mr. Money Mustache recommended (coincidentally he wrote the forward, so slight self-promotion?). I’m 40 pages in and the main takeaway so far is that debt is bad and saving is good. Hooray!

Listening: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Another favorite for desert car camping.

Food: this delicious pizza our friends made for lunch. Consumed outside, basking in the warm sun.


Have a good week!



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