A little late, but better than never for you, internet.

Last week’s training culminated in a 13 mile long run AND a glorious trip to the desert! I’m a lucky lady.

Training Recap

Sunday: 4 miles with five 100 foot hill repeats for good measure.

Spring flowers
Lots of these around the neighborhood.

Monday: 8 mile trail run at North Table Mountain. Great weather, great views, and no rock face-planting. Success.

North Table Colorado Training
View from North Table, looking east toward Denver.

Tuesday: 3 mile easier run round trip, to the gym. Stair stepper and weight lifting at the gym. At the end of my workouts I lay un-moving on a mat and listen to Headspace for 10 minutes in corpse pose. At this point I’m exhausted and probably look like I need help.

Wednesday: Off! Glorious off-ness. Rest days are of high importance to professional athletes and wannabe athletes alike.

I spent time food prepping for our Utah trip. It took a while, but when I look at this picture I don’t remember why.

Food Prep
Bags of things.

Thursday: 13 mile long run. Kinda hot, kinda never ending. And I had a weird tightness in my Achilles, so I just went a little slower and hoped for the best. Good thing I had an impending 5 day break from running…

Long Run Training

Friday: OFF DAY. Aaand a 6.5 hour drive to the Robber’s Roost area of Utah. Aka a paradise of canyons. Dan had just returned home from a 12 day trip to Maryland so we talked and caught up the entire drive. It was a trip highlight 🙂 I missed him. We got in around 8 PM, cooked dinner, then promptly passed out.

Utah Roadtrip
Robber's Roost Utah
Entering Robber’s Roost territory.

Saturday: Wake up in the middle of the desert and pinch myself because I am really fucking lucky. Also…5 miles of hiking/canyoneering No Man’s canyon. I don’t think this would really count for most people’s training plans but f it, it was semi strenuous, especially the hike out.

No Man's Canyon
One of several obstacles to navigate.
No Man's Canyon
Happiness, pre-45 degree water submersion.
No Man's Canyon
No Man's Canyon Hike Out
Hike back out.
Random Favorites


Freakonomics “How to Get More Grit in Your Life” – Another social science podcast, which seem to be my favorite. Premise: your level of grit is directly related to your success.

Freakonomics “Earth 2.0: What Would Our Economy Look Like?” – interesting thought experiment with contributions from some smarty pants economists.

Tim Ferris “The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour: How to Control Stress, Upgrade Your Nutrition, and Build the Mindset of a Gladiator” – a little heavy on the extremes, but that seems to be Tim Ferris’s standard.

Reading: I just finished The Void of Muirwood (last book in the second trilogy) and give it a solid C+. Nothing to write home about, but great for some mindless magical-world reading before bed. Now I’m reading another of his trilogies – The Queen’s Poisoner. It already reads a bit better!

Listening: good ole Tom Petty at least once a day in the desert. Those two things go together, as both scream FREEDOM and open dirt roads and giant Western vistas and living out of a truck and life contentment to me. Dan’s ears may have been bleeding by the end of the trip.

Meal: a pile of vegetables that needed to be used up with pan fried tofu plus an almond butter soy sauce concoction that I added some leftover red curry paste to for a delicious camping meal. We laughed at our past freeze-dried stroganoff eating selves. Life keeps getting better…



Up next: a recap of our Utah trip! And also a pull back week (aka decreasing the weeks’ miles by 30%).



  1. I’m exhausted just reading what you did. Then I looked back at what I’ve done (can’t help comparing) for the past week. Then I tried to not think about it because it made me feel like a lazy a**..

    Changing the subject. I love the pictures of you guys in No Man’s Canyon. It’s something we probably won’t do ourselves, so it’s fun to experience it through your blog in the comfort of my chair. Cheers.

    • ashleyoutside Reply

      It’s funny how that works because I read about your desert and PNW travels (and your upcoming international trips!) and turn green. And then I fall into the trap of thinking that we don’t travel nearly enough…It’s good for motivation and inspiration?? Cheers to reading about each other’s adventures from the our comfortable homes and/or campervans 😉

  2. Seeing you in that canyon up to your armpits in water is giving me the chills. Not a chance I could do that. Looks like a great adventure though and I love the photos.

    • ashleyoutside Reply

      Haha you never know – you already have the desert hiking part down…

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