Week 10 of training complete – 32 miles and a long weekend in New Orleans!!

Training Recap

Sunday: 4 miles at a comfortable pace.

Monday: long run of 15 miles. It felt exciting to hit this one. My legs were pretty achy with 4 miles to go, but every time I hit a less-than-desirable situation I try to remind myself that I will likely definitely hit multiple issues in the race. Long runs are for building endurance AND dealing with a variety of conditions + physical struggles.

Long training run

For example: my long run at the end of March was in the cold rain and I started to lose feeling in my hands and feet. And then I got scared that I would get hypothermia and die [I’m very internally dramatic]. One long run was in a constant 30 mph headwind for half of the run (and let’s be real tailwinds don’t make up for the headwinds). One long run my stomach was experiencing one giant cramp for 75% of the run. On the last long run my Achilles was tight for half of it and with every step I was worried I’d hear a dreaded pop.

These things suck and my mind immediately goes to “why is this happening?? This shouldn’t happen!!” which when I say it out loud, I know is ridiculous. OF COURSE these things happen. Trying to take it in stride and troubleshoot along the way is all you can do sometimes. That and build up mental strength. But that’s a stretch..

Tuesday: 3 miles were on the made-up schedule, but I had to get some stuff for my upcoming trip so it ended up being a rest day. I did walk ~1 mile around the mall, sooo that’s almost the same thing?

Wednesday: 8 miles in beautiful weather. And a crappy night at work, but I had off the next day so yay.

Training run
One of my favorite spots along the trail. I love watching spring unfurl day by day here. Siiigh.

Thursday: 5 miles before my flight to New Orleans. It was my friend’s bachelorette weekend, and my first time visiting the city. I arrived at 6 PM, we ate dinner at Angeline’s, then experienced the chaos that Bourbon Street is and reveled in it until 4 AM. My endurance training really paid off.

Bourbon Street New Orleans

Friday: Rest day. And by rest day I mean 4 hours of sleep and too much fried food and drinking before dinner. And of course after dinner. Enjoyed live jazz on Frenchman Street, the classier version of Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street New Orleans

Maison Jazz Frenchmen Street New Orleans

Saturday: Rest day. Basically a repeat of Friday. Although this day featured a swamp tour! Starring alligators, wild boars, and ultra cute, well-trained raccoons. Hot dogs are great incentives, I guess? Dinner at Kingfish, which was awesome. Then out for another round of Bourbon Street.

Louisiana Swamp boar

Swamp Tour Raccoon

Bourbon Street New Orleans

Random Favorites

Listening: my plane takeoff song, Fleetwood Mac’s “As Long as You Follow”. I listen to this and magically get no anxiety. Hooray!

Reading: I finished the Queen’s Poisoner, so onto The Thief’s Daughter. This trilogy takes place in an unrelated world to the two Muirwood trilogies, and is written a little differently [better]. I like this trilogy better than the last one, but not as much as the first trilogy.

Also, still working on The Simple Path to Wealth.

Eating: these scallops at Kingfish. Better suited for an appetizer, but thoroughly enjoyed.

Kingfish New Orleans

And beignets:


Have a good week!


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