Week 14 training complete – 46 miles total. Including a 20 mile trail long run and a trip to Utah!

Training Recap

Sunday: 5 miles. Springtime running again, yay.

Duck crossing

Work at night – a meh kind of night. If you don’t care about the minutiae of other people’s jobs, then feel free to skip ahead, dear solitary reader.

As a float nurse, 90% of the time I end up floating to another position halfway through my shift. So after getting 30 minutes of report on my patients, I take care of them for ~3.5 hours, then give report on them for 30 minutes. Then get report on a new set for 30 minutes, take care of them for 3.5 hours, then give report. This is probably meaningless and sounds stupid, but it’s all to say I feel like I’m just playing telephone most of the time (change of shifts/report is notorious for an increase in errors). Hopefully I don’t leave out any important info after knowing the patients for the time it takes to binge watch Futurama season 1!

And sometimes I get report from a Chatty Cathy who takes forever to transmit info and all I want to do is shout-whisper WRAP IT UP.

Anyways, this was one of those nights where I felt like I spent more time in report than actually taking care of anyone. Blah. And then at the end of the night I gave report to a hardened, multi-decade nurse who asked me a gazillion questions that I knew <50% of the answers to –> idiot feeling activate! I can take the excuse train of “I’m a float, I don’t know everything about them”, but the shame still boils up because I know I have full responsibility even if it’s just for an hour. Hopefully I can grow a thick skin in the next few months. Lord knows it hasn’t happened in thirty years.

Monday: 20 trail miles for my long run!! I spent 4 hours wandering up down and all around Green Mountain. The snow was mostly melted, the mud only added 5 lbs to my shoe weight for ~30% of the time, and I achieved the arbitrary hurdle of 20 miles (base 10 = adding significance to life since forever). Now to only do that times three in July..

Green Mountain training
Green Mountain long run.
Green Mountain training
Denver in the distance.

Off at night, so Dan and I made dinner together and enjoyed more Futurama. I didn’t like it when I was younger but now it’s pretty entertaining. Kind of a less edgy (i.e., not fueled by hallucinatory drugs) version of Rick and Morty. Related: ITS ALMOST SUMMER AKA RICK AND MORTY SEASON 3.

Tuesday: 12 miles. Back to back long run #2. This felt great. It was on a mostly flat route, but I’ll take it.

Work at night.

Aaaaand our travel couple bff flew in late at night and are staying with us for a week!! Utah desert here we come Friday!!

Wednesday: 3 slow and easy miles. My legs were tired.

Work at night.

Thursday: Gym day – stair stepper and weights. Work at night.

Friday: Rest day. And driving to Utah! It took about 7 hours to get to the Robber’s Roost area.

Car camping Robber's Roost Utah
Let the car camping commence.

Saturday: About 6 miles of canyoneering/hiking Mindbender Canyon. Not running, but hiking counts? No one is keeping score except me..

Mindbender Canyon Robbers Roost
The last rappel on Mindbender. 150 airy ft of fun.
Mindbender Canyon Robbers Roost
Same hike out as Not Mindbender Canyon.
Car Camping Utah
We r cute.

Random Favorites


Stuff You Should Know week

How Magic Mushrooms Work – history of mushrooms, composition of mushrooms and how they work, prevalence of use, how to grow them, etc.

How Multiple Sclerosis Works – interesting episode, especially if you like health/medical stuff. The “prime of life disease”. More women than men get it (generally more women than men get autoimmune diseases), and it usually strikes between the ages of 20-50. It’s a pretty terrible disease, especially the types without remission.

How the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis Work – intro into how the aurorae are created. In one segment of this episode they talk about an article in which the author went to see the lights and was really disappointed. I guess the lights look way better in pictures as a function of the camera’s exposure length. Side note: if the conditions are right, the the aurorae make noises. Neat-o.

Listening: Welp, back to the desert, so more Tom Petty greatest hits.

Reading: I finished Three Wishes on my long run, which was pretty entertaining. Perfect for tuning out 4 hours of discomfort.

A friend loaned me Circuit of Heaven which is a fun, breezy sci-fi book. Star crossed lovers. Utopian-ish world (or is it??). Etc.

And then I’m still making my way through the Thief’s Daughter. My interest in it is kind of petering out, but I’d really like to finish the trilogy, so onward.

Meal: pan fried asparagus. Yum.

Car Camping Utah

The end.


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