Week 7 training in the books. And 30 miles on my feet this week, in the running and hiking variety.

Training Recap

Sunday: 7 mile hike at White Ranch Open Space

White Ranch Open Space

Monday: Off

Tuesday: SNOW DAY!! I went to the gym to do the stair stepper machine thing and some weights.

April Snow
View from my window. I think the snow was melted off the trees within an hour.

Wednesday: 6 miles with some hill repeats at the end.

Snow Run
Blue skies and snow. This is probably why I like winter again after moving to Colorado.

And the trees in our neighborhood are a riot of pinks and whites. GAH I love it.

SO PRETTY. And smells good too.

Thursday: Off

Friday: 12 mile long run

The highlight of my long run was passing by this tiny goat, twice:

Trail goat

This used to be a nice pond on my running route. I felt like my distraught 7 year old self again, watching Fern Gully (the movie) for the first time:


On a happier note, there were about a bajillion duck couples along the trail:

Duck couple
Sweet date spot.

You can tell my long run was all about speed, given the number of pictures I took.

Saturday: 5 mile recovery run

Random Favorites


Freakonomics “Why Is My Life So Hard?”  – I lovingly know about the headwind/tailwind phenomenon from running. It was interesting to hear about psychological research on habituation and the brain’s tendency to focus on headwinds throughout life. Answer: practice gratitude.

Freakonomics “Could Solving This One Problem Solve All the Others?” – overview of a large scale research project on behavior change, and the researchers’ bid for a hefty $100 million MacArthur Foundation grant.

Planet Money “The Invention of the Economy” – a quick outline of how our modern economy came to be.

Ali on the Run “Ultramarathoner Emily Halnon” – I’ve read Emily’s blog for a while, especially as she was training for and running 100 milers. It was a nice easy listen on my long run.


Listening to: The Revivalists “It Was a Sin”. It must be the whole gravely voice thing (trying to find approximations of Chris Cornell) and instrumental buildup…Odd lyrics, but beggars can’t be choosers. I am enjoying listening to their stuff on Spotify. Though a few of their newer songs awaken repressed memories of Nickelback being a thing, and I feel the bile rise in the back of my throat.


Reading: The Void of Muirwood. Part 3 in the second Muirwood triology. I’m a sucker for light fantasy trilogies.

I finished the Red Queen on audiobook, but didn’t like it enough to finish the triology. So I started the good ole classic To Kill a Mockingbird on audiobook.


Meal:  I went to my friend’s house Saturday before work for a lunch date. Dang she cooked a delicious meal! It was spiralized zucchini, pesto, broccoli, chicken, and bacon. Mmmm. Also, her husband (also our friend) is a ridiculous woodworker and made their dining room table and bench seating.


Have a great week!


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