Week 11 of training complete: traveling back from New Orleans, 33 miles of running, and a real crappy end to the work week.

Sunday: “Rest day.” Hah. Got home from my trip to New Orleans around 1:30 AM. I definitely started the week of training on a tired start. Oh well.

Monday: 6 miles. Slept late and laid around reading for a few hours. In the afternoon I met my best friend forever Megan for two hours of coffee and catching up, which made me happy to see her but sad that she’s not here. Good friends like that are hard to find. Got home and went for a cool-evening run, my favorite. Showered and then Dan and I went out to our monthly sushi date. It was delicious.

Training run

Tuesday: 16 mile long run. One of my best longer runs. I purposefully started slow, which I think made the last few miles not hurt. I mean, it hurt a little but I felt surprisingly good. At night we went to our friends’ house to watch their baby for an hour and then eat dinner together.

Training long run goat
Long run highlight, as usual.

Wednesday: Rest. And work at night.

Thursday: 5 miles in the morning. Coffee date with a friend. Then work at night.

Training run

Friday: Gym in the morning – stair stepper and weights. Such a benign start to the day…

And then a horrific night at work – my first time seeing/participating in a code blue (term for an unresponsive patient needing resuscitation). The patient coded for 45 minutes and then ended up passing away. Several days later I still find myself thinking about it a lot, and unable to get the images out of my head.

I’ve seen several dead patients and when I was younger, my grandparents at their funerals. But they were all already dead, and that made it way less terrible than watching an active death fight against a very active attempt at resuscitation. I feel sad for the patient, sad for the family, and in a self-involved way, sad for me and my loved ones and the potential for that fate. I would guess that I think about death and dying slightly more than the average person (out of curiosity and because of my job), but to see what it looks like to go that way is fucking traumatic.

Saturday: I had 10 miles in the “plan” but didn’t sleep much the night before, so 6 miles it was.

Random Favorites

Podcasts: Freakonomics “There’s A War On Sugar. Is It Justified?

Reading: I put my other books on hold for Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I’ve been waiting for months for it to be MY TURN via the library hold system, and this week was the week! Wee!

I also maaay be listening to a library audiobook that People Magazine deemed “One of the Top Ten Books of the Year” (high praise? Or now-verified trash?) – Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret.

Listening: Dispatch’s Only the Wild Ones. New song from a band I liked in college.

Meal: definitely sushi. Sushi forever.



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