WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday

I know you’re just dying to read about what it’s like to work a 12 hour shift as a nurse, if not then feel free to leave!! For some parts you may need your small violin.

When I work a day shift it means I get up at 5 AM and leave around 5:25 AM. I like to make a big batch of breakfasts on the weekend to quickly eat before I leave. Generally if I wait to eat breakfast at work, I’ll get distracted and it won’t happen so it’s better if I just eat while feeling slightly nauseous from waking up early. I realize that there are plenty of people that wake up a lot earlier than I do but I’m not a morning person so this time of day makes me feel ill.

So here is a lovely breakfast creation, pumpkin buckwheat blueberry pancakes with almond butter on top:

Pumpkin buckwheat pancakes
Pumpkin buckwheat pancakes

I drink a cup of Irish Breakfast tea on the way to work. I drink another cup while getting report from the night nurse.

Then I run around like a chicken with my head cut off for about six hours. What do I do? Assess patients, administer medications and IVs, wound care, coordinate discharges and admissions, talk to doctors/OTs/PTs, cry sometimes, talk to patients and their families about everything and anything (>50% relates to poop I think), deal with new orders and labs, chart way too much, feel my heart beat very hard in my chest at times. I know, I’m important.

About 12 PM patients get their lunch “food.” Sometimes it looks edible, but not always. I realize I am very hungry. I drink a green protein smoothie as fast as I can. These are the items I find are easiest to eat over the day:

Green smoothie, oatmeal bars, Greek yogurt with jelly on top. I’m coming out with a photography course soon so you can take pictures as great as this one!

I run around some more for about 4 hours, then the evening nurse comes to save me and I feel some (who are we kidding, an enormous amount of) relief, especially if I haven’t left a shit storm for them. I can’t even tell you how fast 10 hours goes, it’s nuts. It probably means I need to work on my time management skillz.

Then it’s time to chart for 2 hours and I eat a little more. Before I know it, it’s 6 PM and it’s time to get the eff out of there before I start bleeding from my eyes.

When I get home I try to muster the energy to make food. When I was bored at my last job I would come home and eat a big dinner. I just ate more in general (excellent coping mechanism?). And now after a shift where I’m stressed all day and running around its all I can do to just eat something light before my body powers down for sleep around 8. I know, my life  is so hooooard. I actually like my job and am grateful for it.

So I came home and luckily there were leftovers of this soup with biscuits.

Thank God for leftovers.

And then I made some hot chocolate and pretended I was 5 again. I like to add extra powder and then some non-dissolved globs (best word I could come up with) are on top and then I eat them with a spoon and it’s like liquid-y chocolate.

The end.


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